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2020 Vacancies


The Forum for Directors of Indigenous Organisations



The Forum for Directors of Indigenous Organisations is seeking to appoint up to 7 Board members to expand its ambitious and incubated work program into 2021 and beyond.


The increasing number and impact of Aboriginal Corporations throughout the nation highlights the contemporary importance of the function that FDIO performs; to prepare, support and advise Directors and Executives of Aboriginal Organisations. 


With injections of funding and maturation of strategic design, FDIO invites expressions of interests from experienced leaders in the sector who are motivated to embed excellence in the governance and executives of Aboriginal Organisations.


Board members will be appointed prior to the commencement of FDIO’s new work program, targeted for delivery over the next three years. 


Board Refresh for a New Era

After 9 years of being a champion for good governance and the importance of growing and nurturing (beyond mere governance training) a well networked talent pool of quality directors and CEOs working within aboriginal organisations, there is finally a broad-based recognition of this fact. Good governance is about leadership, not compliance.


It’s a strategic time for a Board Refresh and as part of this, our Founding Chairperson has offered to step down as both Chairperson and a director of FDIO on 31 December 2020, following the appointment and induction of the new board and the opportunity to select a Chair from amongst them. Adam encourages one of our talented WA aboriginal governance leaders to consider joining our board with a view to assuming the important role as Chairperson.


Expanded Work Program

Working in collaboration with leaders in their respective fields, FDIO will provide the platform to develop the following work program:




  • Growing the talent pool of Independent Directors through an Independent Director registry

  • Growing the talent pool of Aboriginal Directors through an Aboriginal Director registry 

  • Advertisement portal for executive and governance vacancies 

  • Tailored recruitment service for high quality leaders

  • Provision of a locum service

  • Supporting quality Nominations Processes for Aboriginal Organisations




  • Disseminating information, tools, technologies and templates through advanced research and development by partners

  • Facilitating a Professional Development Program for CEO’s

  • Facilitating a Professional Development Program for Directors, with responses for variable levels of Director competency

  • Multi-dimensional mentor-centred programs for CEO’s and Directors

  • Performance reviews





  • Delivering a calendar of network events, thought leadership seminars and collaboration workshops •    

  • Connecting the ecosystem through networking and referrals with a service registry

  • Preparing newsletters with sector advice, opportunities and information

  • Providing resources to support needs through a Resource Library


FDIO’s future programming is to be supported by an innovative, state-of-the-art membership platform, empowering an innovative digital membership experience. In addition, a team of experienced and outstanding experts in their fields are set to define and deliver component projects. Further, FDIO is grateful for the on-going good-will received from Government, corporates and social impact organisations.    


About the role

The objective of the Board is to provide leadership, guidance and oversight of impact. Board members are valued for actively offering strategic direction, developing quality partnerships and providing constructive accountability. The renewed Board will collectively share FDIO’s vision for future impact and be motivated to contribute for a sustained period to realize outcomes.


This is a voluntary position. Commitment includes attendance at quarterly Board meetings and availability for direction, advocacy and representation throughout the year. Appointments will be made by December and there are up to seven (7) positions available, including Chair.



Skills and Experience

The Board is interested in applicants with expertise in a diverse range of skills and experience within the sector. Previous experience and understandings of the complexities and challenges of effective governance in Aboriginal organisations is highly desirable and Board accreditation is advantageous. A strong candidate will have extensive networks and community connections, and be motivated to overlay cultural imperatives with effective governance practices. A commitment to innovative mechanisms for collaboration and knowledge-sharing is vital. 


In line with its support for self-determination, FDIO’s objective is to retain Traditional Owner representation with a majority Aboriginal Board and regional representation. 



How to apply

To apply, please provide a CV, with a letter demonstrating your experience and expertise relevant for the role, with referee contact information to Danielle Edman at

For more information about your involvement, please email Danielle Edman on the above email.


Applications close 30 October, 2020




Winja Wajarri Barna Limited



Winja Wajarri Barna Limited (WWBL) was established in 2013 to be the Trustee of the Wajarri Yamatji Charitable Fund and the Wajarri Yamatji General Trust.  WWBL has one member, Meenangu Wajarri Aboriginal Corporation (MWAC), which is also a beneficiary of the General Trust.


As Trustee, WWBL is predominantly involved in managing the financial benefits provided to the Wajarri Yamatji People under the Murchison Radio-Astronomy Observatory Indigenous Land Use Agreement.  The Trusts also receive a limited amount of minor mining royalties. WWBL’s primary role is to oversee the investments.


WWBL provides support to the Wajarri Yamatji people and is very mindful of being diligent and sustainable with its investments and benefits programs.  


The Role

WWBL are seeking an Independent Director to join up to 5 Wajarri Yamatji Directors on the board.  The role is seen as an exchange of ideas and sharing of Aboriginal culture.  The Independent Director is viewed as important to:


  • Guide and support the development of the board, increasing community capacity and capability; 

  • Encourage the development, advancement and future growth of the Trusts for the beneficiaries;

  • Provide an independent voice at the board table.  The role of Independent Director is a key component of the composition of the board, ensuring a mix of expertise, experience and community connection;

  • Provide technical input in their areas of expertise.


The Independent Director cannot be a member of the Wajarri Yamatji community as per the Constitution.


Board meetings are conducted alternatively between Perth and Geraldton and held bi-monthly on a Saturday.  Additional meetings are on an as needs basis.  Board members receive sitting fees and reimbursement of travel, accommodation and meals.


The Ideal Candidate

  • Experience working with Indigenous communities.

  • Minimum of 3 years recent board experience as a Director of an Australian Company governed by the Corporations Act or working with Aboriginal Corporation or Not-for-profit boards.

  • Qualifications and/or career background in board-relevant disciplines is preferred (finance, accounting, commerce, business, law etc).

  • Completed or prepared to complete the AICD Company Directors course or similar.

  • Experience dealing with similar trusts to the Charitable and General Trusts.

  • Prepared to commit to attending all board related meetings.

  • Provide an adequate level of engagement between meetings.


Conditions and term of appointment including remuneration and meeting protocol will be discussed in detail with the appropriate candidates as well as the selection and endorsement process which includes receiving support from the sole member, Meenangu Wajarri Aboriginal Corporation and the community.


To apply please submit a cover letter and CV (no longer than 3 pages) addressing your skills, experience and qualifications regarding the information above.


For more information regarding this role please contact Madelaine Fisher on or 0433 232 485. 


Applications close 4pm Wednesday 14 October 2020




The Forum for Directors of Indigenous Organisations (FDIO) is a professional network offering tailored information and support for all those engaged in the governance and operation of Indigenous corporations, trusts, businesses, joint ventures and community organisations.