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FDIO offers a range of services to Aboriginal organisations, their stakeholders and service providers aiming to continually improve governance effectiveness.

We prepare, we support and we advise.



New and current Directors of Aboriginal organisations require specialised preparation and training to be able to add maximum value in complex legislative and cultural environments. FDIO prepares Boards, Directors and Executives to perform right from the start by:

  • Assisting Boards with the recruitment, selection and induction of Directors, advisors, CEOs and service providers.
  • Delivering workshops for aspiring and current Traditional Owner and Independent Directors to develop the required governance and cultural competencies.
  • Offering a service to advertise Director and Executive vacancies.



In the governance structure of Aboriginal organisations, corporate and cultural obligations need to interact. Balancing these obligations is not easy. FDIO supports Boards, Directors and Executives to fulfill all of their obligations by:  

  • Providing access to a range of culturally appropriate tools and information that can build governance knowledge and decision-making capability.
  • Offering facilitation expertise for meetings, strategy planning processes and governance competency workshops.
  • Conducting Board, Executive and service provider performance reviews.
  • Providing project management and project delivery resources when organisations need extra capacity.



FDIO combines governance, leadership, strategic and compliance expertise with experience in Aboriginal organisations and the government, corporate and community sectors. This comprehensive knowledge allows us to bring relevant insight and provide appropriate advice including:

  • Personalised and confidential problem-solving advice to Boards and Executives.
  • Providing links and referrals to culturally aware and value for money service providers.
  • Providing opportunities for knowledge to be shared via forums, panel discussions and professional networking.

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The Forum for Directors of Indigenous Organisations (FDIO) is a professional network offering tailored information and support for all those engaged in the governance and operation of Indigenous corporations, trusts, businesses, joint ventures and community organisations.