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About us

Good governance

              Better decisions

                              Stronger communities




We'll keep updating our vacancy platform, supporting nomination processes and welcoming memberships (still free!), and we look forward to sharing our new design in July 2022, including:


  • A Director Registry

  • A CEO Registry

  • Governance Leadership Program

  • Governance Library

  • Governance Connect Provider Directory

  • Professional development offerings for CEO's and Directors

  • Benchmarking and Advocacy - Survey 1 - Remuneration


We are welcoming founding partners who are motivated to see long-term positive governance in Aboriginal Organisations - please contact us.



FDIO prepares, supports and advises Boards, Directors and Executives of Aboriginal organisations to practice effective, culturally informed governance.

Good governance is all about making good decisions. Those decisions need to improve organisational capability, ensure sustainability and provide measurable outcomes.

Yet, the governance framework of Aboriginal organisations is more complex than most. In order to make good decisions, Directors and Executives must constantly reconcile how compliance processes and corporate governance responsibilities interact with cultural obligations.

FDIO works with leaders to strengthen their organisation’s governance capability so their decisions have a positive impact on their community.

We walk with organisations as they build stronger communities.


Our approach

FDIO is an independent, not for profit charitable trust located in WA. We offer a range of services to Aboriginal organisations, their stakeholders and service providers.

Our approach is to provide value for money services, with insight and integrity. 

Services are tailored to suit the unique needs of each client. We always aim to transfer knowledge, as well as deliver sustainable outcomes.

Ultimately our role is to prepare, support and advise, in order to continually improve governance effectiveness.



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