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About us

The Forum for Directors of Indigenous Organisations (FDIO) prepares and supports Boards, Directors and Executives of Indigenous organisations to practice effective, culturally informed governance.

We offer:

  • New Director & CEO prequalification, selection and induction programs
  • Fit for purpose governance workshops
  • Board, Director & CEO knowledge sharing and development opportunities
  • Facilitation and Advisory services
  • Access to practical tools and tailored resources

What we're doing in 2018!

FDIO is applying its knowledge of corporate and cultural governance with its experience working with Aboriginal Corporations, Trusts, and Enterprises to expand its service offerings.

Some of FDIO's new projects include:

  • Facilitating meetings between 8 Traditional Owner Groups in the Pilbara and RTIO to consider opportunities to collaborate for maximum impact
  • Providing advice on the induction process for new members of a Local Aboriginal Corporation Board
  • Working with a Traditional Owner Advisors on a Charitable Trust to recruit a new Independent Advisor
  • Coordinating the pre-qualification process for Traditional Owner Director nominees to a Native Title Board
  • Collaborating with the Board of an Aboriginal owned and operated Trust to conduct a performance review of their Executive
  • Undertaking a refresh of a register of qualified Independent Directors
  • Conducting a workshop with Indigenous Trust service providers to explore opportunities to better support Directors and Boards

If you would like to find out more about these projects of how FDIO can prepare and support Boards, Directors and Executives deliver effective, culturally informed governance please contact Tahnee Davies on 0466 726 909 or 

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