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About us

The Forum for Directors of Indigenous Organisations (FDIO) is a professional network offering tailored information and support for all those engaged in the governance and operation of Indigenous or Aboriginal corporations, trusts, businesses, joint ventures and community organisations.

Like other organisations, Indigenous organisations are increasingly engaging professional directors and service providers to strengthen their corporate governance and grow their business. FDIO aims to increase the cultural competency, quality and value-for-money that these third parties provide.

FDIO also provides a unique avenue for Aboriginal directors, executives and community leaders to share their expertise in building the capacity of their boards, business development and community investment; aligning these endeavours with cultural practices and community priorities.  FDIO offers direct support and mentoring to the growing number of leading Aboriginal directors and CEOs. 

With the growth of Aboriginal economic enterprises in Australia, it is appropriate to ensure that these enterprises can access appropriate governance support and networks to enable this growth to continue and prosper.

Our Goals

FDIO aims to link time, talent and experience across corporate, government and community sectors, with Indigenous organisations working to strengthen corporate governance, drive intergenerational wealth creation and strategically invest in the future health and well-being of Aboriginal individuals, families and communities.

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